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I find this idea of visiting a submarine base, and sleep inside quite interesting. It shows that the people want to know more about it. Is the building could be a memorial? We may wonder about it.

France is a country where « memory » has such an important place in the daily life; for instance French people talk about « the link between memory and history ». That’s why we may think: why the question of memory, has been totally forgotten in some places where the U-boat bases are located in? Nonetheless, I cannot say that the issue of protecting this military patrimony, has been lost by local powers, because as we can see on the picture on the top of our blog, some U-Boat Bases have been renovated; such as for example the one in St-Nazaire.

Anyway, we will write soon about it. For the moment, we can appreciate the pictures proposed on the website that I mentioned.



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Je suis à la recherche de témoignages sur la période de la guerre et celle de la reconstruction. Je serai intéressé en effet par des vos informations. Si vous avez participé à la construction de ces deux bases, avez travaillé dans les entreprises/industries installées à l’intérieur de ces U-Bunkers. Si vous travaillez toujours sur les Bassins à flot, ou derrière la base (entreprise de cageots de bois), je suis également intéressé pour échanger avec vous.

Me gustaría encontrar ustedes para hablar de la Basa y del monumento que se puede ver a lado de esa Basa.

[It:] Potete scrivermi in Italiano anche, perché sono molto interessato per le loro testimoni ed consigli;)


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1st Article: Presentation of the website.


The page has just been created, It gonna be an historical page in which everyone will be able to share his own knowledges, not only on the submarine base of Bordeaux, but on all the submarine bases’.

Base de St-Nazaire depuis le pont levant.

You could share your pictures or suggestions to me through a mail or by sharing a link. Thanks by advance!

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