Why this subject?

This article is dedicated to Anel from Mexico city & Krasimira from Rouen city, because they were the first ones whom asked me that following question: « why have you chosen that subject »?

Dear readers,

I decided to work on that theme, when I saw for the first time the U-Bunker of Bordeaux.

For sure, during my « Licence »- Bachelor degree, I studied a lot of subjects, and a plenty of themes. Aswell, my favourites themes in History are:

  • as for the Medieval periode: the History of the “Byzantine Empire”, History of the “Christians in Orient”: the relations through Latin’s and Orientals, especially the “History of the Icons”…,
  • in Modern History: “the History of the mineworkers”.
  • in the contemporaneous period: “The History of the Second World War”, such as of the “French Collaboration”, “the privation of liberty”, “Deportation and Genocides” (not only during WW2).

Also, all my friends from the universities I studied in, were so surprised when they knew that I was up to prepare my research: in Modern and Contemporary History; most of all on the U-boat bases in France!!!

I could here give them an answer: “the visit” [in commas because: it’s impossible to see the whole U-Bunker, only one box can be visited], I did in June (2011) in that exhibition place, made me wondering about a lot of things:

the link trough “culture” and military/industrials places,

the History and the future of the building: why it still looks like this?…

These two questions were the base of others thoughts, regarding the different uses of the building…and of the tidal basins – “Bassins à flots”, as nobody knows that It had been used by the Italian Navy (“Bassin” n°1).

The biographical research I’ve done, with the help of so many people that I’ll thank in my thesis next year, reveals that it’s very important to do something for and  the Base. The comparative study with the Base of Saint-Nazaire, is quite useful; we could also compare these two Bases with the “Keroman’s buildings” in Lorient; anyway I’ve chosen S-N for many reasons, that I’ll be explaining soon.

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