Summary of the Saint-Nazaire raid

Dear readers,

1) As you know I’m trying (“trying” is the good word) to write my “historical research project”. In this aim, I went to see a lot of archives in the Bordeaux area and in a lot of libraries in the aim to find “the information”, “the document”, “the resource person”, that could be useful for my thesis; and as you know going from a place to another one could be very long. But it’s also, in the plenty of buses and trams that I’m taking, that I’m thinking on the next posts.

Also, I went in September to Saint-Nazaire, and this week to Nantes in the same goal.

2) By the way, this last week was such important for the city of Nantes, because the city open his “Memorial of Slavery”, (we could write about it…) and in Saint-Nazaire it was the week: of the Commemoration’s Ceremony for the 70 years of the “Chariot Operation”.

This was the code name, of the one of a Allies’s Operation against a Saint-Nazaire dock, which occurred in March the 28th of 1942 following the idea of Lord Louis Mountbatten. The aim was to destruct “la forme Ecluse Joubert”, to block the entrance of German Boat called “the Tirpliz”.

Finally the destroyer “Cambeltown” exploded and destructed the “forme Ecluse”. Anyway, even the operation was a success, this raid killed so many British, Canadians, Scottish and German’s soldiers. Also the “Tirpliz” never joined St-Nazaire, not because of “The Great Raid”; but because the Royal Navy blocked it in North Sea (if I did remember well what I read). Anyway, this operation gave a hope to the inhabitants of Saint-Nazaire, and shown also that some of them helped the commando’s soldiers hiding them; which wasn’t appreciated by the Nazis and some of them avenged themselves against the Nazairians.

Yet, the Allies soldiers whom died (169 according to Ouest-France from the 28 of March 2012, and 228 have been injured according to Presse-Océan of the same date) during this “Great Raid”, have received the military honours by the “Kriegsmarine” soldiers.

If you want to know more about that Operation Chariot, you will find easily a plenty of books.

Also you can appreciate that following picture2 shot at the Archives:

Working at the Archives on my regretted IBM Thinkpad on Linux.

Now you know why I’m not publishing each week on this website.



1This article is dedicated to all my friends I saw in Nantes.

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