The Pionen Bunker.


The reuses of this Bunker

While watching a film, downloaded recently from the French-German channel Arte, I discovered a sequence dealing with the “Pionen [Peony] Bunker”.

After a newspapers research done, we can learn that an old Swedish Cold War bunker’s was rehabilitated into a data-center. From the anti-nuclear bunker to the data-center, let’s see this surprising history/story’s.

According to some articles, see supra, the bunker has been constructed in the 40’s. Then restructured in the 70’s into “a nuclear-proof former Cold War bunker buried 30m beneath the earth” [Reuters].

It is located in Sweden under the Vita Berg Park, precisely in the Södermalm neighborhood.

The reconfiguration results’ are quite interesting. The servers are, indeed, hight energy consumers. They produce heat and their cooling fans are noisy. Nonetheless, we need these servers for our websites and blogs. But an anti-nuclear concrete shelter’s is the opposite. It’s quite fresh! The “Pionen Bunker” is, also, decorated with plants ; which in that strange work office helps the oxygen being renew. Of course inside the “Pionen Bunker” specials fans’ complete the renew of the oxygen. Besides, I do not think that the owner company’s of this bunker still uses the diesels generators extracted from old Germans U-Boote (…).

These all following pictures, are extracted from the Arte reportage title: “The Pirate Bay”. “The P. Bay”. You may probably know that it’s a website which allows you to download for free non-free works. The Pirate Bay proxy website as fare as I know _ but maybe it has changed_, is hosted into a political party server. That server is, also itself, hosted into the well known “Pionen Bunker”. Now you understand why the reportage have filmed the bunker.

The “Pionen Bunker” and the company which uses the bunker is named “Bahnhof”. The company has profited from a 2010 newspapers good publicity’s. As it was said that Julian Assange was a “Bahnhof” client. In fact, the WikiLeaks website took advantages of two servers hosted inside the Swedish Bunker. Other newspapers, have called this data-center: “the James Bond villain’s bunker” [Reuters]. Actually, as one of the Pirate Bay website administrator’s said in the Arte reportage: “Pionen is a big set-up like the Mackintosh”. All is said.

Want to see more pictures?

As far as we know, we are not able to write that the “Bahnhof” company employees whom work days under an artificial light, are or aren’t satisfied with these working conditions’. We cannot write also talk aboutecological impacts of this installation, even if the ground impact is almost under control.

Historically, it was a subterranean bunker gave up by the Swedish Defence and used during a time as an exhibition place. Considering its history we can admit that its rehabilitation was such a great idea. Also, this is not the first rehab’ example that we could present. The other could be the “Blockhaus de Nantes – The Nantes blockhouse’s”, which is located on the “Ile de Nantes – The Nantes island’s” closed to “Les machines de l’île – The Island machines’”.

[If you are planning to visit the Saint-Nazaire U-Boat Bunker, as Nantes is just 60 km fare from St-Nazaire, you should read this following paragraph].

Le Blockhaus de Nantes

Inside that old Second World war passive defence bunker’s, many people are, nowadays, working in. This place is from years used as a simple office for: designers, comics writers and drawers, programmers, etc. When these people _I don’t know the precise date as I always knew this bunker used like this_ began to set up the blockhouse they didn’t get any media coverage. The aim was just to use an unused place. Since the new century, the neighbourhood where the blockhouse is, has totally changed. I’ve been suggested while I was a young boy by somebody who showed me an old depot on the “Ile de Nantes” to invest in that place. Indeed, this advice was good, but I didn’t follow it. The industrial wasteland which was the “Ile de Nantes” neighborhood is nowadays a space where it can be seen different buildings’ with expensive rented apartments’. It’s also a place where “les Nantais” are going to for a Sunday walk. Has it can be understood the “gentrification” in that area has been done. Finally, the Nantes passive defence shelter’s wasn’t integrated at first in the urban plan, but now it is.

To conclude,

Nonetheless, going back to the “data-center bunker’s” : could this concept be reused in others places’ ? When I first wrote that post in French, I was thinking of the Sables d’Olonne Second World war German infirmary bunker’s, which was still in good conditions. I wrote “was” because the goal of the city was to destruct it. The destructive work was planned in June 2013 and...fortunately it wasn’t realized. We shall not do the same mistake with the Saint-Nazaire U-Boat Bunker.

Last but not least, many disused bunkers’ could be re-invested by companies as we saw through the nice example of the “Pionen Bunker.

To know more about the subject:

I invite you to see the references included into the French version

Please have a look onto the previous post.


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