Others greatest websites

Here is some interesting websites that you could check out; from people I know (sometime I just know one person in these places) and from associations I support.

The heritage museum – Ecomusée’s page :

And the wiki. page :

The association 7 soleil website, wich deals on the passage of Tintin in Saint-Nazaire, this website is done with spip a free open-source publishing system, so it’s quite nice :

The video page of The Great Harbour of Bordeaux « ex-Port Autonome » :
http://www.bordeaux-port.fr/fr/m%C3%A9diath%C3%A8que-0 The normal page :

La mémoire de Bordeaux, this association has no website for the moment. It is located  at the Museum of Aquitania – Musée d’Aquitaine, 20 cours Pasteur – 33000 Bordeaux

Pierre Lansac website’s. He is a passionate historian specialized in Archaeology, whom likes to shot pictures around the tidal basins or « Bassins à flot ». On his website you won’t see any of his pic. regarding that subject, you will see his own handmade arcs. If you wanna see his marvellous Bacalan – Bassins à flot shots you should add him on f.

The free software association of the Bordeaux metropolis, which promotes for instance the GNU/Linux OS.


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